Scholarship Program

The South St. Paul Youth Soccer Association provides scholarships to families of players who need financial assistance to play soccer in South St. Paul traveling and recreational programs.  This scholarship program is funded by donations made to the SSPYSA by local organizations.  The amount of scholarships available will vary year to year based on the donations received by the association.


All applications for scholarship assistance submitted to the SSPYSA will be considered for approval.  Scholarship applications will be reviewed by the Executive Committee of the SSPYSA Board of Directors.  The eligibility review will take into account the following factors:

  • The financial information provided
  • The number of players in the family
  • Other mitigating financial factors
  • Previous requests for scholarship

Conditions for Receiving a Scholarship

To increase the number of families that can be provided assistance, SSPYSA requires that each family make a payment of $50 for each summer traveling player. SSPYSA requires that each family make a payment of $30 for each in-house player.


Application process

Fill out the attached application and mail to the association to the following address:


Attn: Treasurer

PO Box 44

South St Paul, MN  55075

Or submit electronically to:


NOTE:  No scholarship funds will be awarded without the submission of a scholarship form.


Notification of Scholarship

SSPYSA will review scholarship applications starting in March for traveling players and in April for In-House players.  Those players/families receiving scholarships will be notified approximately one month before the season begins.  In the event that funds are unavailable or a request is denied for other reasons, the association will work with the family to develop a payment plan for the balance of the fees.  Questions regarding the program can be directed to the association president via the website or the hotline number 651-451-6767.