Referee Information

If you are interested in becoming a soccer referee, the first place to start is the Minnesota State Referee Committee.  Their website is  This is where you would register for the online portion of the training, and then you would sign up for the classroom clinic where you finish the required training and take the written exam.

SSPYSA also holds their own referee training, which is done in addition to the required Minnesota SRC training.  Our training involves a morning of classroom time and then a portion of the day spent on the field, officiating scrimmages.  This offers new officials an opportunity to experience "hands on" training before working an actual game.

Referee Assignor and Field Coordinator- Jasen Hoglund

If you have questions about becoming a referee, please e-mail Jasen.

SSP Officials on field training is tentatively scheduled for end of April.  Brand new referees will primarily work In House games, while more experienced referees will work in our competitive program.


For the latest info, tips and ideas on how to be better referee. visit the Minnesota State Referee Committee Web site.