Hello Member Families of South St. Paul Youth Soccer –

I wanted to reach out and update you on progress our soccer association has been making.

We have added additional teams since the Fall, are offering extended indoor Winter training for our teams, and continue to see our club’s participation recover from the initial impact of Covid last Summer. We have brought in new coaches, players and continue to grow our soccer community and offer experienced staff members to help with that.

Our goal has always been to grow our soccer opportunities to the community at large. We have encountered some struggles along the way but are continually dedicated to promoting our mission and vision for competitive, balanced, community based soccer.

I also wanted to share news that the SSPYSA Board has entered into a discussion with Inver Grove Heat Soccer Club about the possibility of a merger between our two clubs and the creation of a new entity that would represent both cities.

We believe we are in a good position to navigate a strong partnership, and agreed to enter into these talks with IGHeat with the understanding this is an opportunity to further improve community soccer programming for you, our member families of SSPYSA. To be clear, a merger is not at this point a foregone conclusion. However, we have progressed beyond a passing thought to dig into the details of what a combined club might look like financially, administratively & from a programming standpoint. Because we are early in talks, there are more questions than answers. As these details start to take shape, and if we move closer to taking action, we will continue to share more specifics with you, and request feedback on the proposal. If this conversation develops into a serious proposal, you can expect that we will host a town hall style Q&A session before our board votes on any action.

Again, I want to stress that this discussion is only happening in an effort to provide a stronger, better Community soccer club for South St. Paul; a club that can offer players of all abilities a place to play. Our belief is that a strong club is succeeds when it has a strong foundation, and that starts with the confidence & trust of our community families and a chance to develop interest in the world’s most popular sport with your young players.

Thank you for your support. We look forward to continuing to serve.

Ben Nelson & the SSPYSA Board of Directors

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